Practitioner Case: Early Warnings with MI/CI Situational Scan

How to create holistic view from the different perspectives within the organization.

Trends in your industry and market evolve over time and may change their course quickly along the way. Different functions in your organization may face different challenges, opportunities, or threats from these trends.

Market and Competitive Intelligence (MI and CI) can help your organization and management to assess the potential impact and consequences for your business early on. By monitoring and analyzing the trends within the market and the competition, CI/MI can create a holistic view from the different perspectives within the organization.

Key Takeaways

  • Significance of monitoring trends and flagging early/potential warnings 
  • Internal communication about the analysis and how to interpret the trends 
  • Importance of analyzing the MI/CI takeaways from multiple perspectives 

Speaker Profile

Aya Nakamura has been providing market/competitive intelligence for more than 15 years, mainly involving in cross-border/continent businesses.  Nakamura currently serves as Market Intelligence Manager in Strategy Office at Milestone Systems A/S, the world’s leading video technology and video surveillance software provider, where she helps the organization’s strategic direction by closely looking at various aspects of trends and impact on the business and industry.  Having expertise in Asia, Oceania, North America, and Europe, she also brings broad perspectives in the company’s MI/CI analysis.