Impulse Speech: Gaining market insight from events – A lifetime journey : Insights from the book

Trade shows and other events (conferences, workshops, parties, etc.) are great places for developing the insights needed to win in the marketplace and the recently released book "Gaining Market Insights from Events" presents and lays out a toolkit that will help to maximize this opportunity and help your organization improve its event ROI (and not just your intelligence/insight ROI). 

Join the books author Jonathan Calof as he shares several of the book’s tips and answers your questions.  This session will cover tips designed to: 

  • Improve your skills in event intelligence 
  • Show how event intelligence can be used to help others (not just competitive intelligence personnel) in your organization maximize their time at events by using some of the books, tips. 
  • Show how event intelligence can be used for sales and marketing, customer intelligence, innovation and Research & Development 
  • How to get the book for free  

Speaker Profiles

Dr. Jonathan Calof has been involved with trade shows for most of his life starting with staffing booths, building booths and later running event intelligence missions. He is a noted columnist on event intelligence and has authored and coauthored several books. Jonathan is the UNESCO Co-chair of Anticipatory Systems for Innovation and New Ventures and a full professor at the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa.