Establishing a CI Program at a Large Financial Company: Processes and Lessons Learned

Establishing a Competitive Intelligence unit in one of Israel's largest financial firms, may sound straight forward, but things often do not materialize in the first iteration.

Dr. Markovich will explain how the third venture succeeded and will describe the initial steps: following management's approval of the establishment of the Competitive Intelligence Unit - CEO decision on the appointment of the unit manager, recruitment of analysts, and definition of a pilot. The Pilot included analyzing the company's significant competitor's activities, producing intelligence products, and assessing the pilot's added value.

He will present the the do's and don'ts and lessons learned from the successful formation of the unit.

Key Takeaways

  • Map the current CI activities within the organization as a preparatory step to building a CI unit
  • The Pilot as a first step in establishing a CI unit
  • In the construction process, dynamism and mental flexibility are essential

Speaker Profile

Dr. Amiram Markovich, former Senior Vice President (SVP) of Bank Hapoalim, established and managed the Competitive Intelligence Unit for six years. He managed large bank branches and designed and applied decision support systems, such as the autonomous system that supports credit decisions.

Amiram holds a Ph.D. from the University of Haifa in Israel. Business applications of web information, Competitive Intelligence, and Dynamic Capabilities (Innovation, Transformation) are his academic specializations.

He lectures full academic Competitive Intelligence & banking courses in academic colleges: Ruppin Academic Center (MBA programs), Netanya Academic College; and also lectures in Directors courses: Western Galilee College, Netanya Academic College, Israel Directors Union (IDU), Chamber of Commerce & Industry...

He is a Board Director and member of the Finance Committee at Rafkor Ltd.; a Board member of the Israel Knowledge Management Forum; and a member of the Israel Social Directors Team.

Amiram also mentors startups through various Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centers as a Senior Consultant for CI, Business Development & Banking.