Best Practice Case: Predicting Competitors’ Next Moves

We will be exploring how potentially useful the two tools; Bowman Clock Landscaping and Awareness, Motivation, Capability Analysis are for predicting the next Competitor Business Development Moves. In a business case where a major competitor (A) in key markets, has made a strategic move to acquire a large part of a second competitor (B). Competitor A is aiming to become the number one supplier of flooring solutions in the United Kingdom, Central Europe, and Australia. The results will be presented in a Competitor Timeline extended to a future timespan. 

Key Takeaways

  • Predicting competitor Business Development Moves by using;
  • Using Bowman Clock Landscaping &
  • Awareness, Motivation, Capability Analysis


Speaker Profile

Susann van der Heijden, Susann van der Heijden has a Master in Textile Engineering. After working for a few years as an R&D Engineer, she gradually transitioned to work more with Market Intelligence. In the last 4 years she has worked as the Market Intelligence & Product Portfolio Manager of one of the leading carpet producers in Europe.