ICI’s Conferencing 2.0 in 2021 – 10 Weeks Interactive Journey

Blending the best elements of in-person conferences with the advanced features of collaborative meeting platforms, ICI has developed an innovative conferencing format. ICI’s autumn conference 2021 will offer you learning, sharing, and networking opportunities – in a remote, safe environment. Spread over several weeks, this interactive journey has skillfully woven in interactions for beginners as well as for seasoned practitioners.  

Date Event Time Add to my
Aug 18 Meet&Greet (free of charge) 14:30-16:45 ICS-File
Aug 25 Panel Discussion: Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence 14:30-17:00 ICS-File
Sept 7 Battle: Smart Tools for Effective CI/MI 14:30-17:00 ICS-File
Sept 15 Conference Day: 9 Presentations, 2 Tracks, ICI-Talks 08:30-17:00 ICS-File
Sept 29 Barcamp: Hit the Ground Running - Getting Serious with CI/MI 14:30-18:00 ICS-File
Oct 5 Analytical Case Challenge: Market Volume Predictions Under Uncertainty 13:30-18:00 ICS-File
Oct 20 Final Recap 14:30-16:30 ICS-File