ICI's Spring Competitive & Market Intelligence Conference

7-Week Conference Journey

Competitive/Market Intelligence – the eyes, ears and brains of any company. Understanding a company’s environment provides undisputed advantages for sales, R&D, business development, and product management. 

The Institute for Competitive Intelligence is a premium provider of Competitive Intelligence education.

Blending the best elements of in-person conferences with the advanced features of collaborative meeting platforms, ICI has developed an innovative conferencing format. ICI’s spring conference 2022 will offer you learning, sharing, and networking opportunities – in a remote, safe environment. Spread over several weeks, this interactive journey has skillfully woven in interactions for beginners as well as for seasoned practitioners.  


Next Session: Case Challenge: Analysis of Competing Hypotheses

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Date Event Berlin
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Apr 8 Panel Discussion: Beyond Porterian Analysis 14:30–17:00 ICS-File
Apr 13 Battle: Smart Tools for Effective CI/MI 14:30–17:00 ICS-File
Apr 28 Conference Day: 7 Conference Presentations 10:15–19:00 ICS-File
May 13 Barcamp: Best Practices in CI/MI Research 14:30–18:00 ICS-File
May 31 Case Challenge: Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH) 13:30–18:00 ICS-File



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