Practitioner Case: Geopolitical Disruptions on European Factories

3 lessons learned in 2022

The companies in Europe have been experiencing major disruptions on a short period of time: after the covid-19 pandemic and its lockdowns, 2022 war a turning year with a “hold fashion” war starting on the Eastern border of the European Union. A classic form of war is back in Europe with its consequences: an energy crisis, and disruptions in the supply chain for some industries sourcing some materials from Ukraine. There are always some lessons to learn from period of crisis. 

Key Takeaways

  • New geopolitical risks coming from authoritarian regimes: a need for a new mindset
  • Companies more than ever need to have plan B, plan C …..
  • Changing, shortening, digitalizing supply chains to avoid disruptions

Speaker Profile

Estelle Prin a comprehensive intelligence consultant specialized in the semiconductor industry. She has created the Semiconductor Observatory, a website with economical information on the semiconductor industry, articles about the geopolitical risks and their consequences on this industry and the US-China tech war.  

Estelle Prin was previously a journalist for 15 years, then a professor of geopolitics. She has given some courses about US-China relationship, China’s foreign policy in Africa, and international economics in French Universities in Paris.  

She is now dedicating her focus in helping companies to cope with semiconductors shortages, to get information on long supply chains, to face new geopolitical risks in Europe and in Asia.