Developing a Strategy to Integrate Competitive Intelligence into Company's Strategic Operations

Every com­pany has a degree of compe­titive aware­ness that comes from inter­actions throughout the indus­try such as; jour­nals, con­fe­ren­ces, profes­sional groups, sales perso­nnel expe­rience, etc.  Many compe­titive intel­li­gence teams tend to stay within that wheel­house of compe­titive infor­mation thereby facili­tating accep­tance of compe­titive intel­li­gence as part of the team.  Unfortu­nately, this “model” is often doomed to eventual failure because their infor­mation misses major aspects of compe­titors’ activities.

How can compe­titive intel­li­gence diffe­rentiate itself in a com­pany filled with percep­tions of “the compe­titive environ­ment” especial­ly when the ob­jective CI view might contradict com­pany percep­tions?  When approa­ched strate­gi­cally, compe­titive intel­li­gence offers a unique perspec­tive of the indus­try and mar­kets – one that no other depart­ment can provide.

This section focuses on rema­king compe­titive intel­li­gence into a model that can change how a com­pany views their indus­try and land­scape. 

Key Takeaways

  • Regardless of organi­za­tional loca­tion, CI can pro­vide more value when their focus is on compe­titive issues that the com­pany might face in the near and interme­diate future. How this is accom­plished is part I of this discussion.
  • The most diffi­cult compe­ting hypo­thesis to over­come is when it lies within the C-Suite of your com­pany and your com­pany’s strategic plan is based on it. How you deal with that situa­tion is offered in part II of this presen­tation.
  • How does your com­pany address the future when talking to inves­tors? Do they focus on growing market share and develo­ping new ite­rations of the same product or do they talk about changes coming and how they’ll compete to win? Your company likely has a good idea on how to com­pete against tradi­tional compe­titors but how aware are they of evolving and disrup­tive compe­titors? Have they started talking about a chan­ging future and how they will adapt to win? Do they acknow­ledge the possi­bility of their market disap­pearing due to upstream threats? CI’s “unique­ness” comes from know­ledge of all four types of compe­titors. This section talks about how to make a unique CI product that focuses on changes in your indus­try and what your com­pany has to do to win.

Speaker Profile

Bob Franc is an accom­plished intel­ligence pro­gram developer, collec­tor and manager; having deve­loped then mana­ged more than six intel­ligence pro­grams.  He has worked as an intel­li­gence advisor, to execu­tive plan­ning, for almost thirty years in areas such as health­care trends includ­ing use of plat­form tech­no­logies, drug disco­very, digital, clinical and medical trends.  His career focused on trans­forming compe­titive intel­ligence by inte­grating the capa­bilities directly into com­pany-wide strategic plan­ning.  His visio­nary perspec­tive has earned him oppor­tu­nities to work on novel corpo­rate initia­tives inclu­ding drug disco­very plat­forms, inte­grated medi­cine, inte­gra­tion of clinical, medical, and insurance support, bio-initia­tives (com­bining thera­peutics and diagnos­tics), genetic scree­ning, and connec­ted data for com­mu­nity-based care.    

As the head of CI efforts, Bob has used story­telling to bring the audience to a point of under­standing of emerging threats and evol­ving environ­ments.