Intelligence Lessons from the Ukraine War in the Business World

The Russia-Ukraine war is one of the most significant global events since the end of the Second World War. Its impact on geo-politics and economics has spread much farther than the confines of the battlefield. It has cast a long shadow on the availability of energy, changed or coalesced groupings among nations, thrown up daunting challenges for NATO and cast fresh questions on the very stability of Russia. 

The war is in progress and shows no sign of abating. But lessons for the world have already emerged, not merely about prosecuting wars but even for the business community. One bouquet of such lessons pertains to intelligence or the art and science of correctly reading the battlefield.   

Key Takeaways

In this session, we will learn about critical aspects of competitive and market intelligence illustrated on the Ukraine war, e.g.:

  • What constitutes an intelligence win or loss, and who is responsible for those outcomes?
  • Is open-source intelligence as vital as specifically elicited data? 
  • Can competitive intelligence lead us to zero on the competitor’s intent?
  • What are some of the biggest errors in interpreting data? How do we overcome those infirmities?


Speaker Profile

Neeraj Bali is a veteran of the Indian Army, Gen Bali served in several operational areas and roles including as CO of an anti-terrorist battalion and key staff officer handling intelligence and counterinsurgency operations in Kashmir. He was also Security Advisor to the Government of Lesotho.

An M.Sc and M Phil, he is also an alumnus of the Asia Pacific Centre of Security Studies, USA.

He has spoken extensively, including on CI at SCIP Annual Conference, (Atlanta), SCIP European Summit, (Cascais) and Tata Sons’ CXO Conference, (Mumbai). Also, at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and several companies on the Future of Leadership, Risk and Organizational Culture, currently his Ph D subject.

He has been CEO of an organization running 92 colleges and schools. Later he was the CEO of a leading Engineering Consultancy Company in India. After a sabbatical, he is now Head Corporate Affairs and HR of the company.