Practitioner Case: Agile Competitive Intelligence

Lessons from Technology Startups

Key Takeaways

  • Competitive Intelligence can play a crucial role in a startup’s survival and growth
  • A CI program can only succeed if it adapts to a fast-paced and unstructured environment
  • Lean, agile and iterative processes in collection, analysis and production are the key to CI’s success

Speaker Profile

Alina Sharon-Green has been in intelligence for over a decade: from Military Intelligence to various Competitive Intelligence roles in large corporations and small Startups. She has found a particular affinity for technological sectors and a passion for building CI programs from the ground up. 

Currently, Alina is the Competitive Intelligence and Positioning Manager for Sales Intelligence company Lusha and an occasional blogger-speaker-promoter of the discipline, sharing lessons from her hands-on experiences and mentoring young professionals and new businesses.