Impulse Speech: Sun Tzu and a Salesman

A competitive analysis of Solution Selling methodology and the Art of War.

The role of sales people that work on consultive sales, like the sales engineer, have a huge relevance on the process of gathering information for the CI Department, if it exist within a company. The conference shows why CI departments cannot have a success meanwhile the sales activity is considered as despicable.


Sun Tzu says that the espionage is the key point for the success, and its members must receive the best consideration among others army specialist. Why have the sales people the high probability of be fired? Most startups look for disposable and cheap sales people, and that could be a reason of their failure.


But when the sales is done by the CEO, then they get a success. Why?

Key Takeaways

  • How Art of War can improve Solution Selling Methodology.
  • Why the sales people should be the most appreciated professional.
  • Who should be members of your Competitive Intelligence Dep..
  • Qualify your leads by acquiring the five elements knowledge. 
  • Why a public tender is like a siege.
  • Applying Intelligence Analysis tools to the sales process.

Speaker Profile

Miguel Alcalde is a senior ICT consultant that has been working in big multinational consultancy companies like SchlumbergerSema, ATOS, Bull or AlhambraIT. His education as computer engineer, and as security manager, plus his experience as Project Manager, Bid Manager, and Account Manager since 1999, working for the Eurofighter Consortium, Spain Ministries of Defense and Interior, Telefonica, Carabineros de Chile and some others LATAM PSAPs, Airbus, Iberia and some spanish Transport Industries, among several others;  provides to him a wide overview about how the technology can help the organizations for achieving their objectives, optimize and protect their assets, and consolidate their intelligence.

As a technician, and because of his experience on Sales, Miguel is currently helping public and private companies in ICT procurement processes related to Security and Safety solutions. At, Miguel offer very specific solutions to government organizations and private companies, about Intelligence, CounterIntelligence, Incident Management, and consultancy services.