Role of Knowledge Appropriation over Absorptive Capacity: A Bibliometric Perspective

Absorptive capacity (AC) is the dynamic capability for acquiring assimilating, transforming and exploiting knowledge. Knowledge appropriation (KA) is the capability of make own innovation efforts using different mechanism like intellectual property. Nevertheles, In some scenarios both terms are used as the same, generating confusion in academics, practitioners and community in general.  For that reason, we developed a bibliometric study in form of review based on analysis of   full text records of 681 of KA and 431 records of AC from Scopus, Web of Science and Lens where we compared the building blocks of each subject based on  a backward citation analysis, the dimensions of each one and the focus that have had the literature that have analyzed KA and AC together.  Our analysis showed that KA may be considered as a dimension of AC because it has been as a essential element in AC main literature, it has been named in 25% of the literature that was analyzed from AC subject  specifically in the relationship between appropriation instruments, AC and innovation, appropriation regime and their strong link to AC and value appropriation and  knowledge appropriation and their relationship to AC and innovation. Our research opens a new interesting topic  for studying in management area,  to understand empirically the influence of AC over KA and viceversa,  in a macro, meso and micro level. 

Key Takeaways

  • New aproaches for analyzing and comparing  different areas
  • How to obtain full text data an identyfing patterns
  • Link between absorptive capacity and appropriation


Speaker Profile

Sergio Cuellar is a Competitive intelligence professional. He is candidate to a PhD in Information Science, has bachelor degree in microbiology, has master degree in innovation management and postgrade in intellectual property. He has done more than 500 market research for different industries. He is a posgrade teacher in Colombian Universities. His fields of expertise include strategy, innovation, technology transfer, market research and patent analysis.