Practitioner Case: Geospatial Intelligence for Marketing and Competitive/Market Intelligence Analysis

The potential of geospatial intelligence it is still untapped in its non-governmental applications. Although geo-intelligence capabilities are known for its commercial and disaster management applications, GIS tools and the analytical potential of intelligence have more to offer.  

Thes session will highlight differences between data rendered on a map, spatial analysis, and geo intelligence through examples and case studies. It will refer to some of the most used analysis tools (algorithms) in geographic information systems and their respective use cases for competitive and market intelligence professionals.

Ana Fagulha Almeida will show how military analytical methodology can be applied to the business and marketing scenarios, step by step in a case study, from choosing the right question, to data collection, data validation and analysis.

Key Takeaways

  •  The potential of geographic information systems (GIS)  
  • Spatial data vs. spatial analysis towards geospatial intelligence
  • Applying military analysis processes to business and marketing scenarios

Speaker Profile

Ana Fagulha Almeida has an academic background in Philosophy, Geographic Information Systems, and certification in Geo-Intelligence by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation - USGIF. Currently focuses her work on investigative intelligence with application in geopolitics analysis and geostrategy to produce knowledge visually.

 With more than 25 years as an investigative journalist, Ana Fagulha applies advanced research skills to study complex systems in geopolitics analysis and geostrategy.