Bar-camp: Learning from Related Disciplines

Jun 1, 2023 – 14:30

Berlin Time


Virtual Reception Related Disciplines

Related disciplines often have important data, methods and tools useful to get a holistic competitive and market intelligence view?

Do you already cooperate with the respective colleagues in your company? Do you use their data, tools or analysis methods? Share your experience and learn from others.



Learning from Related Disciplines

Topic 1: Data, Methods and Skills from related Disciplines

Related disciplines like marketing, analytics, sales, product management, data science and artificial intelligence or even human resources use data and analysis tools, that is also useful from a market or competitive perspective.

  • What skills do we need to acquire to cooperate with them on eye level?
  • What data, analysis methods, tools and best practices are there, that we need to adopt?
  • Who are the most important cooperation partners inside our organizations that we need to cooperate with to create holistic competitive and market intelligence insights?

Impressions from prior conferences

Topic 2: Best Practices from Related Disciplines to Build a Global Community

Related disciplines often seem to be more successful in creating awareness for their profession. 

  • Do they have better academic journals, better education and training programs or conferences, more effective associations or communities of practice?
  • What are their best practices in creating awareness for their disciplines?
  • How can we cooperate with them to build a more effective global CI/MI community?


Further discussion topics can include, but aren't limited to: 

  • What skills/strengths can CI/MI provide in a cooperation with related disciplines

  • What data from related disciplines is most crucial for a holistic CI/MI view?

  • What tools from related disciplines are the most useful?

We’ll start with two discussion groups from the above topics and then collect more topics, vote for your favorite, and discuss them. 


Peer CI/MI practitioners will facilitate the sessions to ensure a smooth and intense exchange. Enjoy the interactive whiteboard tool Miro as the backbone of this bar-camp.


Randomized Coffee Trial

  • Continue the discussion, get more inspiration and connect with peers.
  • Create communities of practice.
  • Find a mentor.
  • Share, learn and connect with fellow participants


  • Get new inspiration and improve your daily routine.
  • Share experiences and learn from other disciplines.
  • Propose and vote for your own topic(s) to maximize your own learning.
  • Learn how to use informal sessions like a bar-camp to drive CI/MI in your own company.
  • Experience how a whiteboard tool like Miro enables remote group work in an exciting and effective way.