Hybrid Conferencing in the Historical House of the Order of Saint John

After three years of remote conferencing, the Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) is now offering an on-site event again.

Choose between on-site or remote participation – the decision is yours!


On-site attendance

Escape from your daily routine and enjoy a distraction-free environment

For those who prefer to participate on-site, the ICI has selected a very special location. The Johanniter pan-European Conference Center in Butzbach provides both the necessary tranquility as well as state-of-the-art facilities for hybrid conferencing.


The Order of St. John is a Christian organization that has been committed to helping the sick and needy for centuries. The order was established after the conquest of Jerusalem by the army of the First Crusade in 1099 as the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem. The order community was also known as the Chivalry Order of St. John of the Hospital of Jerusalem, and the knights were called Johanniter. 

The Johanniter Conference Center is a symbiosis of tradition and innovation. The commandery is and was the spiritual and intellectual center of the Order of St. John in Butzbach. It includes the unique commandery church with hospital ward (around 1200) and the order house (1740). Both buildings are very well preserved and are used today for festive events, including the knighting of the Order of St. John. In addition, the conference hotel offers excellent technical facilities for holding hybrid workshops.

Remote attendance

You only need a computer and a reliable Internet connection to join our conference. It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons. We use Zoom as our meeting software. You can enjoy advanced features such as lively video footage, break-out rooms, screen sharing, and the whiteboard software Miro to make your conference experience efficient and engaging. Technical assistance is available throughout the conference.

Directions, Address, and Reservations for On-site Participants

Johanniter HOTEL and Conference Center

Hoch-Weiseler Weg 1a

D-35510 Butzbach-Nieder-Weisel

+49 (0)6033 9170-900

+49 (0)6033 9170-9010

E-Mail: johanniterhotel@johanniter.de

Access: 1 km from the A5 highway or via rail with Deutsche Bahn