One Year of Learning, Sharing and Networking – Complementary Access for You

The Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) organizes competitive/market conferences for 15 years. We developed the traditional conference format into a continuous learning and knowledge sharing format. With elements from classic online speaker presentations and 8 additional online events focusing on discussion, knowledge sharing, learning, and networking.

Our goal is to create an active learning, sharing and networking community of practice. We invite you as former participant of our workshops or certificate programs!


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Remote Conference Ticket 2022 (Spring + Autumn Con
Access to our Autumn Conference (1x conference day + 4 related sessions) Access to all recorded sessions (spring and autumn conference) until Dec 31, 2022
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Your benefits

  • A conference concept hat focusses on knowledge sharing and continuous learning
  • 10 competitive/market intelligence events in 2022, including
    • 2 conference days,
      with practitioner cases, impulse speeches and best practice sessions
    • 2 CI/MI panel discussions
      Meet experts and discuss fresh and current CI/MI topics
    • 2 smart CI/MI tools battles
      Learn about new and innovative tools and share your experience about your own favorite tools
    • 2 bar-camps
      Share your experience in a session format, where you, as participant, set the agenda
    • 2 analytical case challenges
      Test your skills in a challenge based on  real world case studies
  • An active CI/MI Community supported by our learning platform