Free AI Challenge 2024:

Keeping Cool – a Competitive / Marketing Intelligence Project

June 12-Sept 4

Online  Attendance
Join until Aug 5th

Free AI Challenge 2024: Keeping Cool – a CI/MI Project

  • max. 50 seats available
  • active participation mandatory
AI Challenge for CI/MI Professionals

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Are you fed up with all those buzzword-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) publications and presentations? Are you curious to learn how to master AI for your day-to-day Competitive Intelligence/Market Intelligence (CI/MI) work?

Then you should become AI-savvy by joining ICI’s challenge
and reinvent your CI/MI processes!


ICI, the premier institute for CI/MI education, has a long tradition of providing challenges as an advanced learning path. The 2024 challenge incorporates just that: your highway to AI application!


Who can join?

Anyone willing to discover the beauty of AI for CI/MI can register for free, not matter if he/she attends the conference or not.


How does the Challenge work?

After registration, you’ll receive login credentials to ICI’s AI Challenge portal. There, you’ll find a real-life case study with your challenge instructions. You can work on the challenge individually or in teams.

The challenge consists of several tasks that build up to a full project. You can choose to complete just one task or, if you’re feeling brave, tackle them all.


To support you, we’ll provide regular networking and coaching sessions. These sessions allow you to share ideas and findings with your peers and learn from ICI mentors and facilitators.

Along your journey we’ll give points for your achievements and at the end of the journey we’ll add up the points with those gaining the most points as either individuals or teams getting mentioned at the 2024 conference as AI Stars. 



Date Milestone Format
Jun 12 Launch Seminar


Jun 21 submission deadline  
Jun 24 Milestone Seminar #1


Jul 12 submission deadline  
Jul 15 Milestone Seminar #2


Jul 26 submission deadline  
Jul 29 Milestone Seminar #3


Aug 5 final submission deadline  
Sep 4

Final Webinar

Winners present their results



Facilitator Profile

Arthur Weiss  Managing Director, Aware, Faculty ICI,

Arthur Weiss is managing director and founder of AWARE, a consultancy specializing in competitive and marketing intelligence. Previously, he was the European Marketing Information Manager for a blue-chip information services company.


In March 2012, Arthur was elected to the board of the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP). He is a Chartered Marketer with the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing, and educational achievements include an MBA (passed with distinction), the CIM Diploma in Marketing and a B.Sc in Biochemistry. Arthur runs ICI’s workshops on OSINT/Social Media Research, Financial Analysis and Counter Intelligence. 

Complete your comprehensive AI Deep Dive

  • Also attend our hands-on workshop: Mastering AI for CI/MI Professionals 
  • Join our conference on Sept. 20, where you’ll gain insights from best practice guides on using AI for Marketing, Foresight, CI&MI Analysis Techniques, and CI/MI Research.