Analytical Case Challenge: Early Warning Systems

Jun 14, 2023 – 13:30

Berlin Time


Virtual Reception Talks

Let’s exchange some experiences and war stories to casually start this exiting case challenge day!


Analytical Case Challenge:

Early Warning Systems (EWS)

“It is pardonable to be defeated,

but never to be surprised”

Frederic the Great, Prussian King (1712-1786)

This year, participants will design an Early Warning System (EWS) under the supervision of ICI faculty.


Early Warning is part of strategic foresight; it is a radar for monitoring technological, economic, political, and social changes in the business environments of corporations.


During our conference journey from April 20th to June 14th 2023, teams or individuals will have the opportunity to hone their analytical skills and put their knowledge into practice.

Impressions from prior conferences

By participating in this challenge, you will have the chance to:

  • Strengthen your analytical skills and gain practical experience when designing an Early Warning system
  • Gain confidence in applying the EWS notion to a to real-life business cases.
  • Network and connect with your peers.

Further discussion topics can include, but aren't limited to: 

  • What skills/strengths can CI/MI provide in a cooperation with related disciplines

  • What data from related disciplines is most crucial for a holistic CI/MI view?

  • What tools from related disciplines are the most useful?

We’ll start with two discussion groups from the above topics and then collect more topics, vote for your favorite, and discuss them. 


Peer CI/MI practitioners will facilitate the sessions to ensure a smooth and intense exchange. Enjoy the interactive whiteboard tool Miro as the backbone of this bar-camp.

On June 14th, attendees who are unable to work on the challenge beforehand will have an opportunity to learn about different approaches, while participants will present their solutions and receive feedback.

The audience will then vote on the best solution, and the winner will receive the ICI's Analytical Case Challenge prize.

Moderator / Facilitators

Rainer Michaeli
Rainer Michaeli, Director, Institute for Com­peti­tive Intel­li­gence
Alexandra Cristea  VP Business Strategy,  Rheinmetall Vehicle Systems Division, Faculty ICI
Alexandra Cristea VP Business Strategy, Rheinmetall Vehicle Systems Division, Faculty ICI


Alexandra Cristea

VP Business Strategy

Rheinmetall Vehicle Systems Division


Analytical Case Challenge:
Early Warning Systems