Bar-camp: How to support Sales with Competitive/Market Intelligence

Oct 18, 2022 – 14:30

Berlin Time


Virtual Reception Talks: Sales Tales

How do you support sales and marketing as a CI/MI practitioner? The answers might be very different depending on the industry, management’s awareness, company size and culture, but sharing your experience with peers will provide a whole new perspective.

This session is the casual starting point for this exciting sales day!



How to support Sales with Competitive/Market Intelligence

Marketing and sales are natural stakeholders for any com­pe­ti­ti­ve/mar­ket intel­ligence professional.

Sales teams often have unique competitor insights from their interaction with customers. Competitive/market intelligence can distill this information into crucial competitor insights by creating a win/loss analysis, for example.

Competitor profiles and battlecards are often used to give sales hands-on support in closing a deal. Analyzing the competitive landscape, prices, and products can help marketing to refine their marketing strategy and avoid blind spots.


But how can you package these services to the key stakeholders in your organization?

What are the key success factors? Let’s share our experiences in our bar-camp session.

Impressions from prior conferences

Discussion topics can include, but aren't limited to: 

  • Training and onboarding of sales reps for CI
  • Competitor profiles and battlecards
  • Win/loss analysis and deal strategy
  • Software to support sales and CI

We’ll start with three discussion groups from the above topics and then collect more topics, vote for your favorite three, and discuss them. 

Peer CI/MI practitioners will facilitate the sessions to ensure a smooth and intense exchange. Enjoy the interactive whiteboard tool Miro as the backbone of this bar-camp.

We’re calling on all conference participants – beginners as well as seasoned professionals – to join this unique bar-camp!


Randomized Coffee Trial

  • Continue the discussion, get more inspiration and connect with peers.
  • Create communities of practice.
  • Find a mentor.
  • Or just listen to the war stories of veteran CI/MI experts.


  • Get new inspiration and improve your daily routine.
  • Share experiences and learn how to support sales in 2022.
  • Propose and vote for your own topic(s) to maximize your own learning.
  • Learn how to use informal sessions like a bar-camp to drive CI/MI in your own company.
  • Experience how a whiteboard tool like Miro enables remote group work in an exciting and effective way.