ICI's Competitive & Market Intelligence Conference 2023

Thinking out of the box - What can CI professionals learn from related disciplines?

Is your job to dis­cover in­sights about your com­pany’s compe­titive environ­ment? To help your com­pany to generate compe­titive advan­tages? 


Compe­titive/mar­ket intel­ligence (CI/MI) is the one and only profes­sion that provides an compre­hensive approach to this challenge!


While the exis­ting CI/MI tool kit is compre­hensive and proven, one may wonder if related disci­plines can add to this por­tfolio. 


Related fields are: marketing, busi­ness analytics, sales, product mana­gement, fore­sight, counter intel­ligence, mili­tary/natio­nal intel­ligence, collective intelligence, open source intel­ligence, data science, and artificial intel­ligence. 


The Institute for Compe­titive Intel­li­gence’s (ICI) 18th confer­ence strives to build bridges between CI/MI and rela­ted disci­plines. Let’s explore what’s in it for you! Improve and grow your intel­ligence skill set. 

8 Week Conference Journey

Blending the best ele­ments of in-person con­fe­ren­ces with the ad­vanced fea­tures of colla­borative mee­ting plat­forms, ICI has deve­loped an inno­vative confe­ren­cing format. 

ICI’s con­fe­rence will offer you lear­ning, sha­ring, and net­working oppor­tu­nities – in a re­mote, safe environ­ment. Spread over several weeks, this inter­active jour­ney has skill­fully woven in inter­actions for beginners as well as for sea­soned prac­titio­ners.

Learn more about our Conference Journey in our virtual Fishbowl Discussion:
Innovations in Competitive/Market Intelligence, Mar 15, 2023



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