ICI's Spring Competitive & Market Intelligence Conference

7-Week Conference Journey

Competitive/Market Intelligence – the eyes, ears and brains of any company. Understanding a company’s environment provides undisputed advantages for sales, R&D, business development, and product management. 

The Institute for Competitive Intelligence is a premium provider of Competitive Intelligence education.

Blending the best elements of in-person conferences with the advanced features of collaborative meeting platforms, ICI has developed an innovative conferencing format. ICI’s spring conference 2022 will offer you learning, sharing, and networking opportunities – in a remote, safe environment. Spread over several weeks, this interactive journey has skillfully woven in interactions for beginners as well as for seasoned practitioners.  


Register now for the complete the spring and autumn conference 2022 to attend the autumn sessions and view all recorded session of the spring conference!


Date Event Berlin
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Apr 8 Panel Discussion: Beyond Porterian Analysis 14:30–17:00 ICS-File
Apr 13 Battle: Smart Tools for Effective CI/MI 14:30–17:00 ICS-File
Apr 28 Conference Day: 7 Conference Presentations 10:15–19:00 ICS-File
May 13 Barcamp: Best Practices in CI/MI Research 14:30–18:00 ICS-File
May 31 Case Challenge: Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH) 13:30–18:00 ICS-File



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