Expert Talk: Demystifying AI

What ChatGPT, MS Copilot, and other Large Language Models (LLMs) can do.

As of March 2024, ChatGPT boasts more than 180 million users. MS Copilot is a part of Microsoft 365, which is already utilized by over one million companies worldwide. Clearly, the ability to use AI to its full potential will be a crucial skill to drive your career in this decade.


It’s time to clear the fog, dispel the myths, and delve into the realities of what these large language models (LLMs) can truly accomplish, and what still belongs to the domain of science fiction. 


In this session, our AI experts will engage with attendees to debunk five prevalent myths and popular misconceptions about LLMs, and clarify their actual capabilities, drawing from specific use cases demonstrated in previous sessions. 

We will take a deep dive into the workings of LLMs. We will foster a deeper understanding of what is possible with LLMs today, how to overcome some of their limitations, and what is currently under research and development. 


The following topics will be addressed:

  • Can LLMs handle complex CI/MI projects on auto-pilot ?
  • How can LLMs process large documents?
  • How reliable, accurate, and self-consistent are LLMs?
  • How to minimize bias and hallucinations in the results from LLMs?
  • Do LLMs encompass complete world knowledge?

Step beyond the buzzwords and enhance your understanding of AI’s capabilities and limitations. Use this opportunity to ask your own questions, either to get started with AI or to improve your skills.
This is relevant whether you’re a novice, an aspiring expert, a decision-maker, or simply curious about how AI will shape your future work. 


Jonathan Gordon-Till, Director Oxford Business Intelligence,  Faculty ICI
Jonathan Gordon-Till, Director Oxford Business Intelligence, Faculty ICI


Jonathan Gordon-Till

Director Oxford Business Intelligence,

Faculty ICI

United Kingdom 

Expert Talk: Demystifying AI