Workshop: How to Create an Agile Intelligence Organization

The Corporate world is transforming at an accelerating pace. VUCA - volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are prevalent, directly impacting the global workplace. Consequently New ways of work evolve, be it Agile frameworks, co-creation concepts or shorter cycles of innovation and strategic planning determine the success of a business model in a hypercompetitive ecosystem.

This workshop will not only introduce an agile mindset but also provide a toolbox, enabling you get a holistic perspective on the corporate purpose and changing dynamics. 

  • In part I „Understanding the System“: We will shed a different light on your corporate ecosystem: the business environment, stakeholders, resources, customers. Systemic tools will clarify the roles, interdependencies and dynamics in your operating system.
  • In part II „People shape the job“: we will look into your and your team‘s position, values, skills, motivators, strengths and how you have been shaping the Intelligence jobs, creating impact and value for the business. We will also investigate how the overall business transformation is impacting you and your team ( alignment, communication, knowledge flow)  
  • In part III „Purpose and Perspectives“: we will design a „Sea of opportunities“, defining headwinds, tailwinds, anchoring places – a navigation plan for adapting your new agile Intelligence activities.

We will offer an agile tool box, explaining the framework and mindsets, you bring your project and we will co-create a game changing navigation plan! 


You should attend to take-away tools and methodologies to optimize your way of work. You will get to know new work concepts, agile mindset and tools. A winning combination! Looking forward to meeting you!

How to Create an Agile Intelligence Organization

  • Workshop May 14th, Half-Day; 13:30-17:30
Nelson Silva: Hands-On Free Intelligence, May 14th, Halfday; 8:30-12:30

400,00 €

Trainer profile

Christina Sterenborg is currently employed as a Senior Project Manager at Deutsche Telekom AG, managing a virtual Competitive Intelligence team in 10 countries. Her responsibilities are to develop and run the „DT Intelligence Hub“, providing contextual search and AI analytics for more than 500 DTAG product owners, agile teams, strategy experts and marketing / sales managers.

She is also working as a Business & Systemic Coach, focusing on personal and professional transformation.

Mrs. Sterenborg has more than 20 years of international management and consulting experience, mastering change in retail, manufacturing, telecommunications and education.