Workshop: Hands-On Free Intelligence - Automated Information Management

Agile, global enterprises need accurate and readily available information about customers, markets and competitors to formulate strategic decisions. We apply our expertise in collecting and processing information from open and closed sources to support key strategic functions such as technology observation, business intelligence and patent analysis. 


Automated Intelligence is now more than ever an important side of the future of data analytics, therefore we apply multiple techniques for the automation of data processing and analysis through the usage of the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.


This workshop teaches three hands-on A.I. related methods each CI/MI professionals should know, since automating the boring and tedious stuff in your research will give you more time to create usefull analysis and insights.


Key topics

  • Extraction and Management Tools: High level session on how to organize and search information extracted automatically from online sources.
  • Information in Context: Building Blocks for Semantic Search and Relationships Analysis
  • Automated Intelligence: Advanced Visualization, “Knowledge” Graphs and Workflows Automation

Hands-On Automated Intelligence

  • Workshop May 14th, Half-Day; 8:30-12:30
Nelson Silva: Hands-On Free Intelligence, May 14th, Halfday; 8:30-12:30

400,00 €

Trainer profile

Nelson Silva is the Lead of the Strategic Intelligence business area at Know-center. His work includes advanced data analytics and visualization projects and the development of automated and intelligent analytics solutions. He is also a senior researcher at Knowledge Visualization division at Know-Center. His research interests are focused on eye-tracking for visual analytics recommendations and on the development of innovative adaptive and assistive user interfaces. He contributes with multiple techniques for human-robot collaboration, IoT and mixed reality research.