Workshop: Getting Personal OSINT Refresher - How to find people, profile them and uncover their opinions

Your competitor has just recruited a new board member. What’s their track record?

You need to interview employees of a competitor or a competitor’s customer but can’t find the right person on LinkedIn. What next?

Facebook has recently removed many search features, and LinkedIn is harder to use effectively yet both are crucial for uncovering intelligence on people – whether to interview them, profile them or recruit them. Using social media (SOCMINT) to uncover people dynamics is now a key CI skill – but there are other places the OSINT / SOCMINT searcher will research. What can you learn about somebody from their twitter feed? Is there anything on Reddit that might be relevant?

This workshop will focus on techniques for finding intelligence on people in relation to their companies – whether to build an organisation chart, anticipate leadership behaviour or find somebody to interview or even headhunt. Although the focus will be on Social Media and how to get the best from this, other approaches will also be covered. The workshop will look at what is changing, examine lesser known platforms and look at how advanced techniques such as geocoding can uncover intelligence. As such it will be a refresher for those who think they are already experts, and an introduction for novices to the topic.

The workshop will be interactive – giving attendees opportunities to try out techniques for themselves, and so allow them to gain the practical skills needed by their companies. 


Being able to find and profile people is a crucial CI skill – whether as a precursor to HUMINT or as standalone research.

This workshop will focus on the people element of Open Source Intelligence, looking at how to best leverage OSINT for CI research on company leaders and other employees.

Advanced OSINT for People Research

  • Workshop May 11th, Half-Day; 8:30-12:30
Arthur Weiss - Getting Personal OSINT Refresher - How to find people, profile them and uncover their opinions, May 11th, Half-day; 8:30-12:30

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Trainer profile

Arthur Weiss is the CEO of AWARE, specialising in CI analysis, research and training. He has worked in CI since the 1980s, initially with Dun & Bradstreet and now with AWARE, established in 1995.


Arthur is well known as a competitive / marketing intelligence expert and has taught hundreds of CI professionals how to excel at OSINT and CI in general for over 20 years. He first presented on Online CI with a 1996 paper and introduced workshops on Going Beyond Google before 2005.

Arthur was the General Editor of Croner’s Marketing – A Practical Management Guide (1996) contributing chapters on competitor analysis and marketing planning. He wrote the corporate intelligence chapter in The Palgrave Handbook of Security, Risk and Intelligence (2017). He is the module leader for ICI’s secondary research (OSINT / SOCMINT) and counter-intelligence workshops and is also a member of AIIP and SLA.