Workshop: Competitive Intelligence - Financial Analysis Made Easy

Company success or failure depends on the company’s ability to make money. An ability to find and interpret company finances is a crucial analysis skill for competitive intelligence professionals – whether looking at competitor strengths or weaknesses, a customer’s ability to pay, the long-term prospects for a supplier or when carrying out due diligence on a potential acquisition. Financial analysis is not hard yet for many, making sense of the various reports can seem like magic.   

This workshop will cover financial data sources – including finding private non-listed company accounts in different markets and countries. As part of this introduction, the workshop will discuss national filing differences and how these should be considered when looking cross-border.  


It will then examine what can be learned from company accounts:   

  • what can be found in the profit & loss statement, balance sheet, cash-flow statement and the account notes;  
  • key financial ratios, and what these can mean for company health;   
  • what to do when data is missing – which is often the case for small, non-listed companies, or more importantly, when a company is trying to hide information;  
  • other information that can give clues to company health – especially for listed companies or when a company is looking to raise money via an IPO or similar.    

Examples will include listed and private companies in different sectors and markets.  

Key topics

  • Learn how to carry out company account analysis so as to assess the financial health of a target company.   
  • Be able to spot financial issues or irregularities that can indicate problems  
  • Anticipate target company strategies based on their financial capabilities  

Workshop 1: Financial Analysis Made Easy

  • May 7th, Half-Day; 8:30-12:30
  • Hand-outs, refreshments, lunch;
Arthur Weiss - Competitive Intelligence - Financial Analysis Made Easy, May 7th, Half-day; 8:30-12:30

400,00 €

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