Workshop: Beyond Google Walls: Innovative OSINT Tools, Tips and Tricks for CI Practitioners

The workshop will review new tools, techniques and platforms available for CI practitioners in the Internet, which enable the attendants to ameliorate their competitive skills by effectively finding significant information and insights about key players within corporate ecosystem. Among the workshop themes: innovative search engines, methods to use social networks as intelligence networks, audiovisual, alerting and mobile applications. The workshop is followed by practical examples and case studies.

Key topics

  • Knowledge of new online CI tools to track your competitors, customers and suppliers activities over the net
  • How social networks can become intelligence networks, and wisely use them to gain efficient insights on relevant organizations, products and people
  • Innovative mobile applications designated for better CI-related understanding, work and outcomes

Workshop 1: Beyond Google Walls

  • May  10th, 8:30-17:30; Full-Day
  • Hand-outs, refreshments, lunch;
Amir Fleischman - Beyond Google Walls: Innovative OSINT Tools, Tips and Tricks for CI Practitioners , May 10th, 8:30-17:30; Full-Day

690,00 €

Trainer profile

Amir Fleischman is the founder and managing director of Cicom Global. He is an international competitive intelligence expert who delivers around 200 lectures, talks and workshops per year in the field of marketing and CI in various countries and market segments. Amir is a member of SCIP Global Business Executive Council, the head of competitive intelligence studies at the Homeland Security Academy at the Wingate College, and an ongoing lecturer of business entrepreneurship and management at various educational institutions. He is also a former member of the Israeli Forum of Competitive Intelligence steering committee and has written articles for “The Intelligence”, “I Am SCIP” and “Competitive Intelligence” magazines.