Workshop: Anticipating and Preparing for Market Disruption

No market is without disruption. In this interactive half-day workshop, Derek will work with participants to improve their ability to look critically at their own companies’ competitive differentiation and leverage this understanding to more effectively identify opportunities for growth, while monitoring for and predicting potential market disruptions.

Key topics

  • Best practices for analyzing competitive differentiation
  • Lessons learned in forecasting market and competitive movements
  • Action steps to identify trends and monitor for disruption

Workshop 3: Anticipating Market Disruption

  • May  10th, Half-Day; 8:30-12:30
  • Hand-outs, refreshments, lunch;
Derek Heiss - Anticipating and Preparing for Market Disruption, May 10th, Half-day; 8:30-12:30

400,00 €

Trainer profile

Derek Heiss is the Director of Cipher’s Consulting Practice and is specialized in competitive intelligence and market strategy consulting for corporate clients. Prior to joining Cipher, Derek worked for Deloitte for seven years where he supported the Federal Strategy & Operations consulting practice in Washington, DC from 2009-14, and the M&A Corporate Finance group in Düsseldorf, Germany, from 2014-16.