First Steps toward Computational Collective Intelligence for the Learning Organization with Intelligent Information Gap Detection

The company’s environment changes constantly and very quickly. That is the reason why the company must be aligned with its environment and understand what is happening to maintain and improve its performance. To constantly adapt to its environment, the company must integrate a learning process in relation to what is happening and become a "learning company". This posture will ensure organizational effectiveness in relation to changes in its environment and allow the organization to achieve its goals under the best conditions. Our project aims at delivering a competitive and collective intelligence service allowing to support decision making processes through the diagnostic of alignment between internal knowledge of the organization and available external information. 

Key Take-Aways

We present a conceptual position seeking at aligning external information with internal knowledge. 

This allows to consider weak signals detection in relation with the identification of internal information gap.

  • Take insights on how to improve the learning process for your organization
  • Deepen the reflection on learning from inside and outside the organization
  • Provide a diagnostic of the alignment of internal and external source of information
  • Take insights on how to automate the process 

Speaker profile

Vincent Grèzes is professor of innovation management and strategic management at the University of Applied Science (HES-SO) of Sierre, Switzerland, and is director of the competitive intelligence track in the HES-SO of Lausanne, Switzerland. He received his PhD in economic and strategic intelligence from the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the University of Lyon 3.  Dr. Grèzes’ main research Interests are competitive intelligence, aimed at private and public decision-makers, the creation of shared values by the firms, business model innovation and collaborative innovation. He has been working in the fields of strategic intelligence, commercial intelligence and market research.