Thinking Methods as a Lever to Develop Collective Intelligence

Time and interaction are key while developing brain performance. Or in Malcolm Gladwell’s words

“There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis.”


In this session we try to give a first answer to the question “how to leverage individual brain capacity and group collaboration capacity”.

Based on real life business cases we will explore the application of the framework of thinking methods. We’ll visualize the impact of a chosen thinking method adapted to the decided purpose and objective of a business situation. Additionally the basic principles of networked thinking and information collection, as levers of performance and competitive advantage construction are presented.

Also examples of inefficiencies in work performance and in so called creativity sessions, due to missing adaptation in time and in interaction, will be treated.

Key Take-Aways

The conscient use of thinking methods for analytical thinking as well as out-of-the-box thinking or decision making is an efficient tool to quickly achieve spot-on solutions in complex settings.

Also it allows CI/MI professionals to access to expert-intuition without cognitive biases or taboos.

Networked thinking is a performant tool to access a multitude of information in a short lapse of time. 

  • learn how to use thinking methods in R&D, CI and strategy development. Based on real life business cases
  • an introduction into networked thinking
  • business cases to illustrate the efficiency and purpose of thinking methods

Speaker profile

Ursula Teubert accompagnies SMEs and startups driving competitive market positioning, innovation and competitive advantage and is a business partner at realpa AG, Zürich.

As an industry and research and development specialist she brings 20 years of technology innovation and production quality engineering from automotive and special machinery industry.

Since 1998 she manages international projects with virtual, globally dispatched teams and speaks German, English and French fluently.

For several years now she’s lecturing on thinking methods and innovation at the Sorbonne and at Institute for Competitive Intelligence.

Ursula Teubert holds a Master Degree in Engineering from Technical University of Darmstadt and an Executive MBA from INSEAD.