On the Relationship between Competitive intelligence and Innovation

Is their a relationship between competitive intelligence and innovation? Are firms who conduct competitive intelligence activities better able to respond to environmental change? Several researchers have proposed that there should be a relationship between CI and innovation but for the most part these have been theoretical studies. Those that have been empirical have tended to limit their look at the impact of CI on innovation using only a small subset of competitive intelligence practice variables. Yet, researchers for many years have written about the importance of understanding the competitive environment for innovation. This presentation will provide those who attend with the results of a preliminary survey that looked for a relationship between competitive intelligence practice and the extent to which companies are innovative.

Key Take-Aways

  • Information and evidence on the link between competitive intelligence and innovation
  • Evidence of what dimensions of competitive intelligence practice are linked to innovation
  • Opportunity to input on the next phase of the research

Speaker profiles

Dr. Jonathan Calof is a professor of International Business and Strategy at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. Jonathan combines research and consulting in competitive intelligence, technical foresight and business analytics to help organizations develop key insights on their competitive environment.


Jonathan has given over 1000 speeches and seminars around the world on intelligence, foresight and analytics and has helped several companies and government agencies around the world enhance their capabilities on these areas. Jonathan has been given several industry awards including Frost and Sullivan’s life time achievement award in competitive intelligence; Fellow award from the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals; and SCIP’s distinguished member award and also several honorary academic awards and appointments including: Honorary Professor at Yunnan Normal University in China; Leading Research Fellow at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia and Extraordinary Professor at North-West University in South Africa


Prof. Nisha Sewdass works at the Department of Business Management at the University of South Africa (UNISA). Her research focus is in Strategic and Competitive Intelligence, Economic Intelligence, Insight and Foresight and Business Intelligence, Innovation and Strategic Thinking. She is the SCIP Global Advisory Council Lead for Africa. She is also the founder and Chair of the SCIP South African Chapter and the Chair of the CI African Summits (2014 & 2016). Prof Sewdass served as a Member of the Board of Directors for SCIP International 2015-2017. She is also a member of Open University of Dakhla, Morocco and a member of the Forum of African Associations of Economic Intelligence. Prof Sewdass is currently involved in an international collaborative research in CI involving 3 universities in three continents to investigate Strategic & Intelligence Practices globally.