Is Competitive Intelligence Teaching Able to Leverage Professional Success?

This research investigated if teaching in Competitive Intelligence (CI) can increase individuals' chances of professional success. It is an Exploratory Research, with an initial phase of Bibliographic Research about CI teaching, followed by Action Research with a class of six undergraduate students in a semestral CI course. The data analyzed were:

  1. teacher assessment;
  2. students' self-assessment of the Degree of Learning (DL) in certain attributes of competence (i.e. pre-established knowledge, skills and attitudes related to CI);
  3. selfassessment of the Degree of importance (DI) for the same attributes in achieving the students' professional success (the reference for this part of self-assessment was the individual career strategy, created by each student during the course under the teacher's guidance).

Based on the DL results and the teacher's assessment, it was found that the CI learning was positive for all students. In addition, the selfassessment results showed high DL and DI for almost all attributes, indicating broad mastery of various attributes of competence considered important by students for their own professional success (which in theory increases their chances of success).

Uniqueness and relevancy

The present work is original and relevant as it provides the first confirmation that Competitive Intelligence teaching can increase the individuals' chances of professional success. Although the study was carried out with undergraduate students, there are indications that the same benefits achieved by students will also be available to professionals, which have significant practical and social implications related to the employability and success of a portion of the workforce throughout the world, especially CI practitioners. 

Key Take Aways

  • Discover the potential of CI teaching to leverage individuals' careers;
  • Learn about our experience of using CI to serve people (and not specifically organizations);
  • Understand how CI can help to learn what matters to the pursuit of professional success. 

Speaker profile

Leonardo Garcia holds a PhD from the Federal University of São Carlos (Brazil) in the area of Technological and Strategic Information. He has been acting since 2007 as a teacher, researcher and consultant at the intersection between Competitive Intelligence and Information Science, initially as professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas (Brazil) for 1 year and, subsequently, as intelligence team leader at the Amazon Biotechnology Center (Brazil) for two years. Since 2010 he has been been working as a professor and researcher at the University of São Paulo (Brazil) for the Bachelor of Library and Information Science, always focusing on the area of Competitive Intelligence with emphasis on the study of the entrepreneurial implantation of intelligence units and, more recently, with the possibility of leveraging the professional success of individuals through Competitive Intelligence, which represents the object of my presentation.