How to Track Emerging Skills per Country/Competitor that Lead to Driving Skilling Initiatives

For many industries innovative products/services need to reach a critical mass in order to become successful and define the “gold standard”. Especially the IT industry has experienced these battles for technology dominance. But how to achieve it?


The “win the skill, win the market framework“ is one possible solution. It is based on the following assumptions in IT industry

  • New technologies are only successful if enough developers and users are both willing and able to use them
  • Only the technology platform that has achieved a critical market share will survive or even dominate the market for years.

In the past we had seen similar developments, like the war for computer operating systems (Windows, vs OS/2) or the quest for best office solution (Word Perfect vs MS Word).

Today platforms for cloud services, AI, machine learning and blockchain software are doomed to follow the same competitive cycle.


However, the pace of change has accelerated. Now the competition for the right human talent is fierce, but it is the prerequisite to gain a competitive edge in winning customer deals and market preferences. This has become a norm in many industries today, facing the trends within the future workforce. According to PWC, 70% of current workforce would consider skilling to enhance their employment prospects in the future. Hence the skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling programs for employees through various massive open online course platforms has gained popularity.

This session will address one key opportunity: leveraging emerging skills in your industry to compete with your competitors and own the debate. 


Key topics

  • Why strategic skilling initiatives will lead to brand mindshare

  • How to track emerging skills per country/competitor and develop a the right skilling initiatives

  • What tools can be used to gain talent intelligence insights?

Speaker profile

Sunanda Thumati Prasanna currently works as a Market Intelligence Lead covering Middle East & African region, part of the Compete team, that sits within the broad umbrella of Marketing & Operations. Her past roles include working as a Research Lead and Senior Insights Analyst within Middle East region. Her key achievements include offering growth recommendations in launching successful business ideas, with over 9+ years of experience she holds an MBA from University of East London