The new Center for Intelligence and Security Studies: Bringing interdisciplinary research and education to intelligence practitioners

Established in 2017, it is a novelty within the German security landscape: The Center for Intelligence and Security Studies (CISS), whose purpose is to support the education of intelligence professionals in law enforcement and intelligence services, and to act as an intelligence think tank for political leaders.


Located on the campus of the Bundeswehr University in Munich and in Berlin, its objectives are to promote interdisciplinary research activities, to organize and coordinate the Master's Program in Intelligence and Security Studies (MISS), and to advise political leaders and bureaucracies as well as industries and civil society.

The aim of the presentation is to introduce the audience to CISS with its rare combination of high-class research, education, and policy advice projects for intelligence practitioners in various fields. Emphasis will be given to topics like the fight against terrorism, cyberwar and early crisis detection; all of these are core topics for both corporations and intelligence communities around the globe.




To some extent, the CISS approach can serve as a template for corporate CI/MI centers: CISS benefits from the extraordinary resources of a world-class research institution and ensures extensive support for its researchers, students, and fellow partners. This collaborative approach ensures that CISS can draw on multiple resources while serving its stakeholders efficiently. Lessons learned for both the organizational perspective and cross-boundary spinning will be presented. 

Speaker profile

Eva Herschinger joined CISS in August 2019. Her expertise lies in terrorism research and radicalization processes as well as discourse research. Prior to her engagement at CISS, Herschinger held positions at several universities (Aberdeen, Munich, Bielefeld and Berlin), worked at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt and at the department of prevention of the Police Presidency Frankfurt am Main. She completed her habilitation in Political Science in 2017 and appears frequently as speaker and workshop organizer on her research topics.