Advanced Analytics Session: Competitor Profiling with the Business Model Canvas Approach

In this Advanced Analytics session you’ll experience how the business model canvas approach can be applied to a hands-on case study: As in the other Advanced Analytics sessions we’ll be working with a case about the emerging market for flying taxis! All sessions can be attended independently!


Flying taxis, more precisely eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) vehicles, might start commercial services as early as 2022. They could revolutionize urban passenger transportation – or might fail to reach acceptance and governmental/municipal authorization.  A good dozen competitors (including powerhouses like Boeing, Airbus, and Uber, as well as start-ups such as  Volocopter, Lilium or EHang) fight over the first licenses to operate their vehicles in metropolitan areas – where the eVOTLs generate potentially the highest benefits by reducing both, traffic jams and pollution.   


But .. who will make it? The winner might take the whole market by setting the gold standard


In this “Advanced Analytics” session you’ll try out the business canvas model approach to compare and assess some of the competitors. It offers a structured approach with 9 elements describing a firm's value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances.


After a short introduction to the business model canvas methodology and the flying taxi industry, you’ll work under supervision of the session instructor on this case.  Together with your peers you’ll experience potentials and limitations of this analytical approach! 

Key Take Aways

  •  Learn to apply the “business canvas model” for profiling competitors
  • Share tips and tricks with peers about competitor profiling
  • Gain new analytical insights from competitor landscaping with this approach


Speaker profile

Marius Ackerman is the founder and a Director of ABIC a South African based business/competitive intelligence practice. He is also an executive director of M Insights Group, a consultancy supporting new market entry strategies of multi-national corporations. Having worked in business/competitive intelligence related fields for the past 35 years, he gained experience supporting strategic expansion and investment projects for multi-national banking, insurance, manufacturing and retailing clients in a number of African and other emerging markets.

Before founding ABIC in 2000, Marius worked as an Information Resource Manager responsible for customer intelligence within the ABSA Banking Group and as a strategy consultant at the Dutch ICT Firm, Roccade Finance.

He holds a degree in military science, a post-graduate degree in economics and a master’s degree in information science.