Exploring a new dimension for a competitive intelligence analyst: The environment!

Solutions for climate change can be used to create business competitive advantages. Since Porters and Van der Lindes (1996) publications on creating green competitive advantages have multiplied. However, classical competitive analysis failed to implement this new dimension in their daily work. The aim of this session is to provide non-exhaustive examples towards the development of a more holistic completive business analysis.

Key topics

  • Doing something for the environment is not a one-way street; it can be used to create competitive advantages.
  • Empower the employees of your company by giving them the right tools and targets, analysis and achieve competitive advantage
  • It is our duty for future generations to take action

Speaker profile

Dr. Yvonne Avaro is working in Switzerland in the tourism industry as a Senior Marketing & Competitive Intelligence Analyst. Her work focuses on analyzing Consumer, Market, Environment and Competitor changes to derive competitive advantages. Additionally, she is a lecturer at the University of Konstanz, where she teaches students an applied Intro to Marketing with a special focus on Sustainability Marketing. At the University of Konstanz, she also did her Ph.D. that was a mix between Marketing, Behavioural Economics and Motivational Psychology. Since August 2018 she is also a

member of the so-called Homeward Bound Initiative #HB4, a leadership program for women possessing a science background and who care about the environment. 95 women around the globe were selected and she is proudly one of them. In her free time, she enjoys doing yoga at the Lake Constance in summer and is doing skiing in the winter time.