Keynote: Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies Future of Competitive Intelligence

The keynote will focus on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emerging Technologies in the field of Competitive Intelligence. It brings forth the manner in which AI can be adopted to capture, analyse and take informed decisions based on all the relevant data points. The main points include strategies and algorithms to be adopted by the organizations to use and analyse large structured and unstructured data in particular, with the help of AI so that the trends can surface and the decision makers can see the key highlights in a way that the human eye likely would have missed. With the help of AI, organizations will have better results in identifying anomalies, finding trends, and you can surface signals from all of the noise.

The other perspective is the approach for the organizations to aspire to have cultures that embrace data, analytics and AI, and other new technologies, and the specific approach required to create such cultures. The session covers the strategy to be adopted by the organization to be “data-driven” which has been a commonly professed objective for many firms over the past decade or so whether their larger goal is to achieve digital transformation, “compete on analytics,” or become “AI-first,” embracing and successfully managing data in all its forms is an essential prerequisite.  


The unique points which will be brought forward are –

  • Increasing analytical skills for CI practitioners, managers and decision makers and the ability to anticipate moves of the other actors in the business environment based on deep insights discovered from multiple data points collected from multiple sources
  • Sharing  ideas  and  knowledge about the application of AI in the field of competitive intelligence in  order  to  develop  new  ideas  or  knowledge  and to  integrate  the application of AI into the organization
  • Discovering new competitors or potential customers and supporting the starting of new businesses based on AI
  • How AI is helping the organizations in identifying and analysing new technologies, products and processes that influence organization’s activities and behaviour
  • How AI helps the organizations identifying and  analysing  situations,  from  competitors,  customers,  suppliers  or  others  that  evolved  into  successes or into failures
  • Bringing to light business opportunities and problems that will enable proactive strategies based on AI and other emerging technologies
  • Data and AI providing the basis for continuous improvement and shedding light on competitor strategies


Speaker profile

Atul Tripathi is a data scientist, author, lecturer and mentor on Artificial Intelligence. He currently spearheads application of AI in cyber-security. Previously, as a consultant to National Security Council Secretariat, (part of Prime Minister’s Office) he designed and built an AI enabled Big Data platform for Strategy and Governance. He has worked extensively in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive computing, data analytics, and quantitative finance. He has been teaching data analytics, artificial intelligence, fraud analytics, financial risk management at various colleges and universities.

He has been selected as top 10 speakers and thought leaders who have been influencing thoughts of the nation by SpeakIn (Asia’s largest platform of speakers and thought leaders)


He has authored a book on AI titled “Machine Learning Cookbook” by PACKT Publications which has been translated to Chinese too.