Tips & Tricks for Establishing Competitive Intelligence

When starting as a new CI Manager, especially when the position is new in an organization, various challenges should be expected. Although the position is likely to be highly welcomed by colleagues and stakeholders, establishing it might not be a home run. Unexpected challenges could be the gathering of widespread information from colleagues, sensitize them to proactively share this information, too many requests, no clear responsibilities and more.

Based on substantial practical experience the Case Study should help newly appointed CI Managers to establish themselves and the position with success, manage potential barriers and thus gain satisfaction and appreciation.

Key Topics

  • How to identify and manage stakeholder expectations
  • Potential challenges to establish Competitive Intelligence - and how to address them
  • Key success factors

Speaker profile

Melanie Hufnagel is currently Marketing Manager Competitive Intelligence for Surgery at Siemens Healthineers. She took over the newly created position in 2017 after having worked as a Marketing Manager for different product lines for some years. Before joining Siemens Healthineers, she worked for different global consumer business companies in R&D, Brand and Product Management. Melanie studied Chemical Engineering at Georg-Simon-Ohm Fachhochschule Nürnberg, Germany and additionally holds an Executive Master of Business Administration from Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland.