Tips & Tricks for Establishing Competitive Intelligence

The Theory is Simple, the Practice Might be a Little More Challenging

As market intelligence becomes a more and more important aspect as integral part of the growth strategy a new competitive intelligence position was set up within the growing business line Surgery at Siemens-Healthineers. Within this segment the portfolio is rather diversified for addressing different customer needs regarding surgical X-ray imaging.

As a first step the stakeholders were identified, and their expectations and needs retrieved. The needs varied from system related operational requests to strategic topics related to market size and growth projections.

Overall, a thought-out process and a highly structured set up of the new function was required to cover the major expectations for the diversified portfolio.

Key criteria for success - and hence providing the required insights - was to establish the position of the CI Manager within the organization. This involved e.g. the identification of tools to streamline the daily work, valuable sources, the right communication material and channels and last but not least create a network within the company for knowledge and best practice sharing.

Looking back after two years CI introduction, there were topics faced which were easy to implement but also quite a few which required problem-solving skills, resilience and creativity. Key experiences and learnings of the introduction phase will be shared with the objective to enable listeners to smooth the establishment of a CI position and provide inspiration for clearing up unexpected pitfalls


When starting as a new CI Manager, especially when the position is new in an organization, various challenges should be expected. Although the position is likely to be highly welcomed by colleagues and stakeholders, establishing it might not be a home run. Unexpected challenges could be the gathering of widespread information from colleagues, sensitize them to proactively share this information, too many requests, no clear responsibilities and ….

In a nutshell: Based on real experience the session should help unexperienced CI Managers to establish themselves and the position with success, manage potential barriers and thus gain satisfaction.

Speaker profile

Melanie Hufnagel studied Chemical Engineering (FH) at Georg-Simon-Ohm Fachhochschule Nürnberg, Germany and additionally holds an Executive Master of Business Administration (eMBA) from Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland. She has worked for global consumer business companies in R&D, Brand and Product Management before joining Siemens Healthineers. After having worked as a Marketing Manager for different product lines for some years she took over the newly created position of a Competitive Intelligence Manager for Surgery.