Virgin Orbit Case Study: Competitive Intelligence Strategies for Markets Where Almost No Information Is Available

Often we need to understand markets and entities despite the lack of critical data and information.  In this case study we will discuss the Small Satellite Launch industry, and one player, Virgin Orbit, in particular. This industry is embryonic, but with high growth potential, especially with the entrance of innovative, privately run firms. In this presentation we’ll demonstrate how strategic insight can be generated by applying scenario planning. Based on this foresight we can then discuss competitive intelligence strategies for developing additional insights for exploiting such market opportunities.  

Key Takeaways

  • Participants will understand the analytical steps and CI techniques to analyze a private company in a new market - a situation where little or no public information is available.
  • Presenter will make specific techniques that yield recommendations for initial market sizing and forecasting.
  • You will learn to apply scenario planning techniques, including a method to track how scenarios evolve, and to make on-time changes on strategy. 


Speaker profile

Dr. Rom Gayoso is a published author, economist, and consultant with over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing forecasts, economic analysis, and Competitive Intelligence. His work covers many aspects of CI, mostly in the High Tech, and Aerospace industries. He lives and works in Phoenix (Arizona), where he teaches Economics and Strategy at local universities. 



Interview with the speaker