Practitioner Session: Triggers, Targets and Filters - The Key Elements in Strategic Intelligence Processes

This presentation is part of the Advanced Analytics Track. In the first session, April 15th, you’ll get an introduction to the MAITAI concept, then we’ll introduce a case study to all participants of this session. During the cool down phase of the conference (April 20, April 22, May 4) you’ll work in groups to apply the concept to this case study. Your presenter will provide advise and feedback.   


Competing in a VUCA world companies must pay attention to today’s vast ocean of data, so that they can create optimal competitive strategies. Such information competence leads to a competitive advantage.

This presentation will introduce the MAITAI (MASTER AGILE INTELLIGENCE TO ACTIONABLE INFORMATION) model. MAITAI gives a holistic view of how companies can achieve strategic intelligence through implementing a process based on specific triggers, targets and filters. The MAITAI framework, includes 4 phases, 13 functions and 43 activities, covering strategic intelligence within both a company and its stakeholders.

The MATAI model focuses on measuring time, information, and resources (TIR). Through the implementation of the MAITAI process, CI/MI professionals can increase their company’s competitive edge, as well as the company’s ROCE.  As Sun Tzu wrote, “ … foreknowledge can only be obtaining by somebody, who knows the enemy (e.g. competitor) …”

The MAITAI framework will be presented for the first time given a tool that allows leveraging the practice of intelligence within organizations at all levels and stages (frontline, intelligence gatherers and analysts). It enables both action and feedback.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand why information ensures business survival 
  • How to practice strategic intelligence in real time - through advanced analytics  
  • Using the MAITAI framework to support corporate intelligence via the identification and activation of specific targets, triggers and filters
  • How to improve a company’s ROCE by intelligence practice

Speaker profile

Rui Metelo Marques is Senior Controller (Financial Intelligence Specialist) in the Defense Resources Directorate - Portuguese Ministry of Defense, Lisbon, Portugal.

Between 2016 and 2020 he worked as an advisor to the defense industry and defense technological and industrial base, and also participated in the working group for the Portuguese cyber defense strategy guidelines. During this period, Rui also participated in the European Commission's expert group for security and defense procurement.

Before that, he worked as the Financial Director of Prometeus-Progroup, as a consultant at Uberbrands and Plurália and as a professor of finance and accounting at the Portuguese Higher Institute of Educational Sciences, in Luanda.

Rui holds an MBA from AESE/IESE Business School-University of Navarra, a Master in Competitive Intelligence and Information Warfare from the Portuguese Military Academy, Bachelor in Management and Business Administration from the European University and Military Administration Sergeant Course from Military Administration School.

Rui received his military training in the Portuguese Army, which he developed through various functions in Portugal and abroad.

Rui has been a Sergeant in the Portuguese Army since 1995.

Interview with the speaker