Advanced Analytics Session: Triggers, Targets and Filters - The Key Elements in Strategic Intelligence Process

The expression “information is power” has never been so assertive. Power that endorse the exercise of supremacy and ability to influence, but mainly, the power to communicate, to be able to interact, to integrate, to collaborate, to be able to feedback, to share, to resist and to adapt sustainably based on information.

In the Intelligence Age (IA), information forms the leadership, if, and only if, it is collected, processed, directed and activated with agility and optimization. It is a fundamental lever to the permanence of companies in the VUCA2 or BANI3 world and assure agile decisions, resources optimization and the Intelligence ROCE.

VUCA and BANI world, predicts the subordination of companies’ activity to dataísm, requiring agile and optimized competitive strategies. C2 systems will pass through the competitive environment. Information (superiority) Awareness will inevitably need more or less advanced C2 centers, whether they are sophisticated watertight rooms or simple dashboards on a computer screen or smartphone. Concomitantly, the multiplicity of sensors, which proliferate in all areas of human activity, impose the development of models capable of strategically managing the overload of the information that comes from them. Smart technologies as AI/ML are excellent levers. However, they                                                            

  • master agile intelligence to actionable information 
  • are volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous  
  • are brittle, anxious, non-linear, incomprehensible.

However they have not reached technological singularity yet. They persist, dependent on executing tasks programmed by a human (HMT). Triggers, Targets, Filters, are the key anchors of the Strategic Intelligence Process, athwart them we can infers more accurate and advance analytic process. This elements show, that there is no more than money in the Competitive Intelligence Landscape. Cash is King, Advanced analysis can infers and show that. MAITAI is a holistic approach to the new view of strategic intelligence in the next decade and the answer. MAITAI remove uncertainly and Ambiguity from VUCA and purge BANI environment, it is the OPEN INFORMATION Ex-LIBRIS.   

Are you ready to surf the fourth wave of set? Take your MAITAI longboard!  

Key Takeaways

  • Why is the information the Real Rose of Jericho 
  • What is CI process? Is it much more than an information provider to the decision-making? Let put this in cleaned dishes! 
  • Is it the Strategic Intelligence in real time a vision, an ambition or only a dreamed illusion? How can we do it thought advanced analysis?  
  • Which is the better antenna, sensor or effector in the intelligence process? MAITAI can help you to understand it! 
  • MAITAI is a Cocktail of concepts across tree different but interchangeable Domains (IT, Business and Military), it filter the actionable insights from them in order to leverage the strategic intelligence process. 

Speaker profile

Rui Metelo Marques