Advanced Analytics Session: Foresight and Innovation Management

This presentation is part of the Advanced Analytics Track. In the first session, April 15th, you’ll get an introduction to foresight and innovation, then we’ll introduce a case study to all participants of this session. During the cool down phase of the conference (April 20, April 22, May 4) you’ll work in groups to apply the concept to this case study. Your presenter will provide advise and feedback.   

While analyzing the competitive landscape and the actions of competitors, much of  the understanding depends on how we and our competitors see the future and what kind of role their next innovations will play in it. I will show how modern foresight thinking can be established  and how it relates to our current situation at the end of the classical industrial revolution. I will reveal how it can be related to innovation management using the horizons model and finally show how the overall framework can help to better understand the competitive landscape and its potential changes.

The session will include cases from customer workshops and learnings from the inside of an innovation unit.

Key Takeaways

  • Foresight helps to better understand competitive landscapes 
  • Analysing the competitors foresight view and innovation management adds valuable insight 
  • We have to think beyond the narratives of the classical industrial revolution 

Speaker profile

Kai Goerlich is a futurist with 22 years experience in market analysis, competitive intelligence and scenario management. He spent most of his career in the IT industry working for SAP. In his latest role as Chief Futurist he developed future scnearios for the innovation unit of SAP and its customers. He created a 

successful and innovative workshop format combining foresight and innovation that has been not only been used for prime customers but became a standard module within SAP‘s design thinking practice. In 2020 he joined two former colleagues from SAP’s innovation unit at Visionary Labs to offer a unique approach towards modern foresight and innovation management. Kai holds a Diploma in Biology and lives with his family in Potsdam.  

Interview with the speaker