Sales Enablement by a Marketing Organization through Embedded Competitive Intelligence

Today, one of the roles of a leading marketing organization is to help the business to better understand competition. Reasons can be many, e.g. a strategic move by a key competitor or a request to support a competitive takeout. Embedding competitive intelligence into sales requires management of various stakeholders. Communication of the results will make use of the latest available technology infrastructure.  

The education will provide participants with hands-on experience by a senior marketing professional from a leading multinational technology and consulting company. The session will cover a multi-step approach for embedded competitive intelligence, a best practice for creating battle cards, and critical success factors for field intelligence to collect tacit knowledge. There will be an extended and a fast-track approach. 

Participants will be able to set up their own process. 

Key Takeaways

  • Embedded competitive intelligence is a way for marketing to provide value 
  • Executive sponsorship and involvement of sales are key 
  • Good planning and preparation is already half the battle 

Speaker Profile

Frank Schmidt is working as a Senior Competitive Intelligence analyst within IBM in Europe. He has 20 years of experience through various competitive intelligence and market development roles. Major recent achievements include the development of sales battle cards and a point of view on where competition is heading. Frank lives near Stuttgart in Germany and holds an MBA degree from the University of Bradford (UK). 

Interview with the speaker