Cool-Down Session #2

April 22 - 13:30 Berlin Time

13:30-  14:00

Ice-Breaker Session and/or Zoom Training

14:00- 15:30

Best Practice: How to use Artificial Intelligence for CI/MI

Sponsored by Digimind

For the past few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been overhyped by media and technology providers. This sessions aims at deconstructing the myths around AI, provide concrete examples of existing technologies applied to CI/MI functions (NLP, sentiment analysis, image recognition...), and realistic perspectives of AI developments for the future. The session will help participants to identify where AI can help with their daily job, and where it can't, so that they can adapt their skill set to be future-proof.


This session will be followed by a hands-on session where MI/CI professionals will be able to manipulate social media intelligence data and create a deliverable with a data-visualization tool.  

Aurelien Blaha is Chief Marketing Officer with Digimind, a global leader in competitive intelligence and social listening software. Prior to Digimind, he has been a Marketing Director with Finalcad, a construction software startup. Previously, Aurelien held various positions in social media and competitive intelligence at Dassault Systèmes, a global software vendor. As a CI practitioner with a focus on tactical sales, he successfully launched and animated a community of 3000+ professionals around CI-related topics. Aurelien holds a Master's degree in Software Engineering in Paris, France and a Master's degree in International Business from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix, AZ. He currently lives in Paris, France, with his wife and their two boys.

15:30- 16:00

Randomized Coffee Trial

16:00- 16:30

How to Design a Life-Long-Learning Community for Competitive/Market Professionals? - Rainer Michaeli

All professionals face the same challenge when it comes to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in a field. Let’s share ideas how practitioners have been achieving this life-long-learning (LLL) so far! Based on the flow of our discussions we can use break-out rooms to meet in small groups to discuss specific topics or we’ll collect thoughts and ideas with all participants.

Please, feel free to bring examples of your LLL journey!

16:30- 18:00

This year’s advanced analytics track consists of two sessions about foresight and target market identification. These sessions introduce the concepts. Then you'll apply these approaches to a real-life business case, the Portuguese company Grupel S.A.


On April 20, April 22 and May 4 will meet in work groups and apply the introduced analytical methodology to the Grupel S.A. case.

  • 16:30 Group Work #1 - Identifying Target Markets - Kenan Mahmutoglu
  • 17:15 Group Work #2 - Foresight & Innovation Management - Kai Goerlich