Cool-Down Session #1

April 20 - 13:30 Berlin Time

13:30- 14:00

Ice-Breaker Sessions

14:00- 15:30

Group Discussion: Technology can make your intelligence work a whole lot easier - but is that enough? - Sponsored by Comintelli

An interactive group discussion exploring how to combine technology with human intelligence to bring your M&CI to the next level of excellence!

Don't worry about ending up in an awkwardly quiet virtual discussion - in this session we'll lead the way by sharing our own experiences and let everyone have their say using engaging and interactive tools as we go along.


Emil Karlsson:

After completing his studies at SMH in Stockholm, Emil had a few different roles at Swedish Software companies. He has been at Comintelli since 2016 working actively towards multinational corporations in various industries including Chemicals, Finance, Life Sciences and Industrial Manufacturing. Emil is passionate about creating innovative M&CI solutions to help his clients succeed in navigating complex markets with tough competition.  

Kari Syrjä, Vice President Sales at Comintelli
Kari Syrjä, Vice President Sales at Comintelli

15:30- 16:00

Randomized Coffee Trial

16:00- 16:30

Find a Mentor – Become a Mentor! - Rainer Michaeli

New to the competitive / market intelligence field? One way of learning and evolving is the notion of mentoring. For those who have collected considerable experience over the years mentoring can mean paying back to younger colleagues.  


In this casual session we invite those who are interested in becoming a mentor/mentoree!

We’ll discuss approaches to mentoring and then … start matching pairs of volunteers to see where we can find fit. 

16:30- 17:00

17:00- 18:00

This year’s advanced analytics track consists of two sessions about foresight and target market identification. These sessions introduce the concepts. Then you'll apply these approaches to a real-life business case, the Portuguese company Grupel S.A.


On April 20, April 22 and May 4 will meet in work groups and apply the introduced analytical methodology to the Grupel S.A. case.