Practitioner Case: Evolution, not Revolution: A CI Practitioners Guide to Changing an Organisational Mindset

The day- to-day activities of CI professionals can be truly demanding, and with increasing pressure on
time and resources, we invariably look for different tools and products that will help us do the work
more efficiently. We may also have a new CI team to establish, but do we take enough time out to think
about how these tools or outputs might be utilized and accepted by the intended audience? A CI tool
deployment or team approach is no different than any other project. It doesn't matter how good the
tool or output is, without thinking through the communication strategy, it will invariably fail.

Understanding your organisation and culture are critical so you can develop a strategy which will give
the best chance of success. Who are your advocates or who have their own way of working for gathering
information? In this session, we will uncover why these questions are important, and how you can use
the answers to your advantage.

We’ll focus on how you can create a valued, sustainable CI model and approach through a systematic
Evolution and not a big bang Revolution. We’ll explore how you can achieve better outcomes with
minimal resources.

Stepping beyond the CI methodologies and deliverables, we will share some of the tips and tricks I learnt
from my 21 years in Shell to embed a CI cultural change that stuck.

Speaker Profile

Helen Hollemans has worked for more than 21 years for the energy giant Shell, and is now an independent
consultant and enthusiastic abstract artist. Her extensive experience ranges from Program Management in Cyber Defense to global resource development and management. Helen has traveled the world delivering IT projects and consulting for Shell always with challenging objectives and timelines, so working under pressure is very familiar territory.

Helen worked with the Shell CI and deal-making teams and was accountable for establishing the Competitive Intelligence organisation for Shell’s global IT Department. She designed the fit for purpose methodologies and approach needed to suit unique requirements, and established a network of CI ambassadors to help deliver against this.

Helen is now consulting for not-for-profit organisations using her skills and experience to help groups around the world develop their business plans and strategies. She also offers consultancy to organisations wanting to strengthen their CI delivery capability.