Smart Tools for Effective CI/MI

14:30- 15:00

Ice-Breaker Session

Network with peers and like-minded professionals about tools, ideas, experiences.

15:00- 16:30

Battle: Smart Tools for Effective CI/MI

Many CI/MI professionals struggle to get their job done – given the high complexity and a heavy workload!

The good news is that there are many smart tools for supporting individuals to automate MI/CI routine jobs or for extending the envelope of tasks that individuals can handle.

The bad news is however that the tool market is highly dynamic and intransparent. So, peer recommendations are key to our community.


In this session CI/MI practitioners will introduce their favorite tools!

  • Each practitioner will present a 5-minute showcase of their most recommended tool.
  • After these pitches, we’ll open breakout rooms for each presenter!
  • You can join any of these sessions to learn more about these tools and their practical applications.
  • At the end of the session, we’ll ask you to vote for the most useful and relevant CI/MI tools.

Tools can be software, services, databases or communities either solving or simplyfying a typical CI/MI task, e.g. organization of research projects, data visualization and analysis, website monitoring, social media analysis/monitoring,  project management, creativity tools, document management, knowledge management, text mining/analysis, patent analysis, reporting/dissemination tools, network analysis, geointel tools, databases, resource indices.

Tools / Practitoners (Preliminary List)
Network Analysis

Trip Krant
Trip Krant - Founder, Data Intelligence startup in stealth

CRM as
a CI  tool

Tracy Berry
Tracy Berry, Director Competitive Strategy, Automation Anywhere

for CI/MI

Ralitsa Popova
Ralitsa Popova, Founder, Rubinlake

Trade Da­ta­ba­ses for CI/MI

Kenan Mahmutoglu
Kenan Mahmutoglu Competitive/Market Intelligence Professional formerly Özkanlar Group


Amir Fleischman
Amir Fleischman, Managing Director, Cicom Global

People Infor­mation Sources

Karen Azulai
Karen Azulai, Global Sourcing Trainer


Aristide Lucet
Aristide Lucet, Strategic Analyst, Limagrain

Mixed Media

Johan Hammarlund
Johan Hammarlund, Collaborative Foresight Advisor, Kairos Future

How to showcase your favorite tool?

  • Simply send a short email to by August 20th 2021.
  • Indicate your preferred tool. Make sure you can present the tool in this session in a meaningful way to your fellow professionals.
  • Presenters must be practitioners who use these tools for CI/MI tasks – software vendors are not eligible for this session.
  • All accepted presenters will get a free ticket to our conference.

16:30- 17:00

Randomized Coffee Trial

Chat about your favorite tool presented and  exchange ideas how go beyond current practices.


  • Learn about smart tools from CI/MI practitioners
  • Pick up ideas for your personal efficiency-boosting choices.
  • Get inspired by peers