Your Interactive Conference Journey

March 9

 See Agenda: Meet&Greet

While many things are quite similar to on-site conferences, you’ll be amazed by what remote conferences can offer. 

March 10 - April 1

 See Agenda: Warm-Up Phase

In this phase you prepare yourself for the actual conference. It is a mix of self-paced learning elements within our learning platform and short remote live events.

  • Virtual Exhibition: Attend three remote events, where exhibitors describe their solution to a CI/MI use case. Each session is followed by an open discussion.
  • Take the chance to vote for your favorite topic in our ICI-Talks session at the conference.
  • Connect with your peers on our Wall of Fame and use our Reception Forum to introduce yourself. Both are part of our learning platform.
  • Of course, you can always choose between live and recorded sessions on our learning platform depending on your individual preferences.

April 15

see Agenda: Conference Day

The actual conference day is quite similar to an on-site conference. Each presentation is followed by a Q&A phase and a short break with our Randomized Coffee Trials, where you meet new people and chat. This works amazingly well and scales up nicely, retaining the interactive character of our on-site conferences. Just like at our on-site conferences, we feature two tracks to choose from. Switching tracks is easy with just a single click. This way, you’ll always find a session that’s of interest and relevance, and if you’d like to watch both you can watch the recorded sessions later.

April 16 - May 5

 See Agenda: Cool Down Phase

After April 15, the conference isn’t over. We prepare all the content so it’s easily accessible on our online learning platform. This enables a new interactive learning experience and continuous networking.

  • We will offer 3 short impulse sessions on current CI/MI topics, followed by a moderated discussion with a focus on continuous networking.
  • Make use of the Wall of Fame and the Forum to connect and discuss with your peers
  • Participate in our Advanced Analytics Challenge and send in a solution for our case study. All solutions will be reviewed and we’ll reveal the winners of the best three solutions in our Final Recap Session.
  • Review the results of the ICI-Talks session.
  • What’s more, all the recordings of the conference, additional documents, like templates and checklists from our Advanced Analytics Sessions and brochures from the Virtual Conference, will be available until July 9, i.e. for eight weeks after the conference.

May 6

 See Agenda: Final Recap

he Final Recap Session is the perfect opportunity to build on the learnings from the conference and plan the next steps.

  • We’ll present a summary of the ICI-Talks and Advanced Analytics results
  • The best speakers and winners of the Advanced Analytics Challenge will be awarded.
  • We’ll moderate a feedback round about the conference, including an interactive survey to vote for the three hottest topics.
  • You can discuss the three selected topics in our Topics-Based Coffee Trial.