ICI’s Conferencing 2.0 in 2021 – 9 Weeks Interactive Journey

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Blending the best elements of in-person conferences with the advanced features of collaborative meeting platforms, ICI has developed an innovative conferencing format. ICI’s spring conference 2021 will offer you learning, sharing, and networking opportunities – in a remote, safe environment. Spread over several weeks, this interactive journey has skillfully woven in interactions like our Escape Room Research Challenge for beginners as well as for seasoned practitioners.  

Continuous Learning & Networking

  • March 9 we’ll start with a meet & greet event where you’ll meet peers, speakers, and contributors. Start discussing hot topics and build your network in an exclusive environment.
  • Then, over five weeks you and fellow conference participants will warm up for the main conference day. There will be panel discussions on March 23, March 25 and March 29.
  • On April 15, you’ll be immersed in two-track live presentations with mind-boggling practitioner cases, challenging learning opportunities, and more networking.
  • In the subsequent cool-down phase, you’ll review conference presentations, work on advanced analytics assignments with your peers, find a mentor/mentee, and continue discussing hot CI/MI topics in moderated sessions on April 20, April 22 and May 4.
  • Finally, on May 6 all participants will meet (virtually) again in a recap session. Enjoy sharing results, awards, and experiences gained over this conferencing period! 

Your Interactive Conference Journey

What does remote attendance require?

All you need is a desktop, tablet or cell phone, and a stable Internet connection. You’ll follow two parallel live streams – it takes just a few clicks for you to be part of this conference! Technical support will be on-hand to assist you.


Our pre- and post-conference workshops are also available for remote attendance.