A Unique Conference Experience

Six different Session Formats

Practitioner Case Studies

Presentations by company/corporate practitioners where a specific challenge is described and its solutions are brought forward. 

Impulse Speeches

Interactive impulse speeches will challenge your mindset and invite you to think out-of-the-box. These speeches involve audience participation in an interactive dialog about the topic.

Expert Talks

Interactive expert panel discussions. Learn about the different viewpoints of the experts. The audience is invited to join the discussion and ask questions.

ICI Talks: Interact, Challenge, Inspire

The delegates set the agenda, i.e. anyone attending the conference can propose a topic by sticking his idea to the bulletin board. Five topics are selected and moderated by their promoters.

Advanced Analytics Sessions

Applicable lessons that  introduce methods and skills needed by any CI/MI practitioner. Each session shortly describes an essential CI/MI analysis method along with a real life business case. All participants will solve a group exercise, shortly present their solutions and discuss the best solutions and best practices from their experience.

The sessions are supplemented with sample solutions, checklists, templates and literature lists.

Scientific track

Presentations about recent and innovative scientific research on Competitive/Market Intelligence.

The track is supported by