A Unique Conference Experience

Session Formats

Practitioner Case Studies

Presentations by company/corporate practitioners where a specific challenge is described and its solutions are brought forward. See how other CI/MI practitioners solve common CI/MI problems. Interact through short remote surveys, an interactive face-to-face Q&A, and discuss the topic in detail with other participants in our Randomized Coffee Trials.

Four Practitioner Case Studies during the Conference Day

  • 30 min presentation
  • 10 min Q&A
  • 10 min Randomized Coffee Trial

Interactive Panel Discussions

Interactive impulse sessions will challenge your mindset and invite you to think out of the box. Short presentations will outline current CI/MI topics, obstacles and innovative ideas, and start an interactive dialog about the topic.

3 Impulse Sessions during the Warm Up Phase

  • 5-10 min introduction/impulse presentation
  • 15 min brainstorming, collection of ideas, experiences
  • 20 min discussion 
  • 10 min summary

Best Practice Lessons

Applicable CI/MI use cases – Networking and Q&A
Know what’s hot in CI/MI software and services.

  • Meet & Greet
    Introduction to our sponsors followed by a session where you can choose between Sponsor Rooms and hear about their latest innovations in CI/MI, including interactive Q&A.
  • Conference Day
  • Join the Sponsor Rooms and hear about their latest innovations in CI/MI, including Q&A.
  • Cool Down Phase
    Virtual Exhibition Sessions
    All sessions and additional documentation will be available on our learning platform. 

Advanced Analytics Challenge

Applicable lessons that introduce the methods and skills needed by all CI/MI practitioners. Each session briefly describes an essential CI/MI analysis method along with a real-life business case. All participants will solve a group exercise, briefly present their solutions, and discuss the best solutions and best practices from their experience. The sessions will be supplemented with sample solutions, checklists, templates, and literature lists.

During the Cool Down Phase, you’ll be given an assignment to solve a CI/MI problem based on the case study, which will be assessed by a jury. The best three solutions will be awarded a prize.

Expert Talks

Interactive expert panel discussions. Learn about the experts’ different viewpoints. The audience will be invited to join the discussion and ask questions. Short online surveys and live face-to-face questions and comments from the audience will emphasize the interactive character of this session.

One Expert Talk during the Conference Day

  • 10 min introduction to experts and their views
  • 40 min discussion and Q&A 

ICI Talks: Interact, Challenge, Inspire

The delegates set the agenda, this means that anyone attending the conference can propose a topic by sticking their idea to the bulletin board. Five topics will be selected and facilitated.

  • Meet & Greet
    Introduction to the format and chance to propose topics.
  • Warm Up Phase
    Propose your topics within our ICI-Talks forum.
  • Conference Day
    Survey to vote for your favorite topic.
    ICI-Talks Event
  • Final Re-Cap
    The facilitators will summarize the results from the different groups/phases.