IP Intelligence as a Part of Competitive Intelligence

When we think in-house IP function, we tend to think of capturing internal innovation and brand assets and legally protecting them to give us business edge. Another important part of the function is to defend us against a threat of litigation. However, a ‘hidden’ IP activity also exists, and it is becoming more and more critical to businesses if they want to remain competitive. There is a massive body of patent information available publicly, and growing. This information is rich in insights, reflecting each innovator’s ‘best guess’ of the criticalities of the technologies they are working on. It also shows where and till when the innovators think their technologies should be protected. In other words, global public record of patent literature is a revealing glimpse into every innovator’s “crystal ball”. This presentation will offer insight into the benefits of an IP Intelligence function and deliver some best practices for its implementation.


Speaker profile

Dr. Satish K. Tiwary is the head of IP Analytics at Airbus. In this role he leads a team developing strategic competitive intelligence from publicly available Intellectual Property information in conjunction with other business and technical information. Satish joined this role at Airbus in 2013.


Before Airbus, Satish worked at General Electric in a similar role for more than 10 years. Satish is a Ph.D. in Physical Sciences from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, with about 30 publications in renown journals in Physical Sciences.