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Arthur Weiss is the CEO of AWARE, specialising in CI analysis, research and training. He has worked in CI since the 1980s, initially with Dun & Bradstreet and now with AWARE, established in 1995.

Arthur is well known as a competitive / marketing intelligence expert and has taught hundreds of CI professionals on a range of topics. His background at D&B gave him an in-depth understanding of financial analysis. Day-to-day research projects extended this to more general CI analysis. His MBA thesis looked at competitor strategy using a game theoretical model.

Arthur was the General Editor of Croner’s Marketing – A Practical Management Guide (1996) contributing chapters on competitor analysis and marketing planning. He wrote the corporate intelligence chapter in The Palgrave Handbook of Security, Risk and Intelligence (2017). He is the module leader for ICI’s secondary research (OSINT) and counter-intelligence workshops and is also a member of AIIP and SLA.