How to Set Up CI System in a Company

To set up CI system is not something new to many large companies. To SMEs, it has been always a challenge to invest on CI due to resources limitation, both people and money. In this session, we’ll explore the basic rules to set up CI system in SMEs.

Key topics

  • Start from corporate strategy
  • Start from Low-hand Fruits
  • CI is a way of thinking mindset

Speaker profile

Christine Guo is the APAC Strategic Marketing Leader for Donaldson.

Donaldson, based in Minnesota, USA, is a global leader in providing engine and industrial air, oil and liquid filtration solutions. In Donaldson, Christine leads the strategy development, intelligence system and merge and acquisition in APAC.

Prior to Donaldson, Christine holds different marketing roles in multinational companies such as Greif and W.R. Grace. In the early stage of her career, Christine has worked as consulting manager for Chemical & Material in a famous consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, providing consulting services to multi-national companies like Cytec, Eastman and Dorf Ketal.